Maury Island Farms Jams & Jelly Marion berry Jam - 11oz Jar

Marionberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz

Maury Island Farm Marionberry Jam is a true Pacific Northwest treat.Larger, sweeter and juicier than the blackberry, the Marionberry was developed by cooperative extension service researchers over 50 years ago. Marionberries started as domesticated... Average rating: 4.92, based on 25 reviews
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Dallas, Texas

I purchased my first jar of this jam and love the flavor. I found this brand in a specialty store in Dallas. I thought it might be good coming from Pacific NW. It's a great product!



This is by far the best jam available on the market. I use it daily at breakfast.

Hilo, Hawaii

We received a bottle as a gift and we really enjoyed the Marionberry Jam so we ordered several bottles to share with family and friends. Personally, I liked it better than Blackberry, Rasberry or Strawberry Jam.

Unfortunately, Marionberry Jam is not available in Hawaii (at least, I haven't been able to find it on grocery shelves.


Excellent service and the jam is oh-so-tasty. A great token gift made in the Northwest. Thanks. Sue B

Palm Coast Florida

marionberry my favorite!


Sorry, Gram--I love your strawberry and raspberry preserves, but my all time favorite is now Marionberry jam. Saw a bottle at TJMaxx and tried it, and now I'm hooked. I have it on a buttered English muffin each morning. Not tart, not sweet--just a delicious distinctive flavor.

Sandy, UT

This arrived way faster than i thought it would - about 4 days total

The product was intact, no breaks or spills.

Marionberries are something I miss from living in the northwest so it was great to get a taste of them again. The jam is sweet but not too sweet and goes great on everything.

Edgewood, WA

Absolutely love it! Not as sweet as some I've previously tasted. Best by far!!


Love this jam. Tastes rich. Will buy again.

Love the Marion Berry Jam. It is A+.

Las Vegas

Marionberry jam is one of my favorite jams, hard to find, especially without corn syrup!

This is pure berries! I ordered a case which came quickly, glad I found Maury Farms!

Los Angeles, CA

I would like to put the congratulation in order to Maury Island Farm for all their product especially the Marion Berry Jam and i hope you never ran out, thanks.


I was given a jar of the jam and loved it. It has a very interesting flavor. I hope my friend sends more jars.


Has a true Marionberry flavor.


Though this jam is delicious, I gave it three stars due to the consistency and it is very seedy.

I strained the jam to remove the seeds. It was time consuming but worth it. The seeds are quite large so the strainer caught them all.

I prefer a jam/jelly that is dense. This isn’t.

The flavor is wonderful!

Probably won’t buy it again due to the seeds.