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What is Maury Island Farm?

Beyond snow-capped mountains, forests, and shimmering inland seas, the cool nights and warm days ripen the berries along the base of the cascade mountains. Maury Island Farms uses the best fruit and all-natural premium ingredients to create preserves, jams, and toppings. These jams are indulgent gourmet treats that come packaged in decorative jars.

Our selection of jams is the perfect thing to give for Mother’s Day, birthday, or just to say, "thank you." From standard 11-ounce jars to 5.5-ounce sample-size jars, Maury Island Farms gives an unforgettable ‘homemade’ taste. To the women who have been cooking for us when we were little, we hope to celebrate them with our specialty-made jam.


Four Pack Jam and Preserves Gift Sampler

From a rich tradition of handcrafting all-natural jams, this Jam Sampler pack includes three of the most popular favors. Bring the taste of a fresh berry off of the bush and into your jam. All four jars are nestled in a beautiful gift box, perfect for giving to a mother.

The sampler gives a breadth of variety. Between the sweet taste of red raspberry, the juicy marionberry, and the tart blackberry-raspberry, there is something for everyone to fall in love with. After giving the sampler as a gift, offer to make Mom’s breakfast. Spread any flavor on toast, English muffins, or bagels to give her a delicious treat.

Maury Island Farm jam is made with less sugar than competing brands, with no artificial flavorings or colorings. The fruit taste shines through from all-natural ingredients local to the Pacific Northwest. This truly is a remarkable gift.

Product Features

Three distinct flavors of jam

All natural with no artificial flavors or colorings

Gift box, perfect for mom

Features most popular flavors

Specialty Marionberry Jam

Larger, sweeter, and juicier than the blackberry, the main ingredient of this jam is the marionberry. Cooperative extension service researchers developed this berry over fifty years ago. The marionberry has been a true Pacific Northwest treat every since and is enjoyed by many during its harvest. Due to its complex flavor, the marionberry is sometimes known as the ‘Cabernet of Berries.’ Due to the unique taste, marionberry jam is one of the most popular flavors of Maury Island Farms.

The 11-ounce jar can serve as a humble but meaningful gift to loved ones. Due to the distinctive taste and qualities of the marionberry and its limited harvest, the taste of marionberry can be difficult to find. This specialty jam is perfect to giving a mom the experience of tasting a true gourmet spread.

Marionberry Jam - Maury Island Farm - 11 oz
Maury Island Farms Jams & Jelly Marion berry Jam - 11oz Jar
Package Size:


Product Features

Fat free, all natural, limited harvest

No artificial flavors or colorings

Decorative glass jar

Made with real marionberries

What Our Customers Say

Excellent service and the jam is oh-so-tasty. A great token gift made in the Northwest. Thanks.
-Sue B, WA

I purchased 4 Marionberry jars. That probably should say it all! By far my favorite jam in the berry family, ever. Also a success with my guests. Will be back, again and again !????
-Isabel, GA

Has a true Marionberry flavor.
-Jackie Julty, CA

This arrived way faster than i thought it would - about 4 days total. The product was intact, no breaks or spills. Marionberries are something I miss from living in the northwest so it was great to get a taste of them again. The jam is sweet but not too sweet and goes great on everything.
-Darin, UT

Delectable Boysenberry Jam

Boysenberries are a blackberry relative but have a larger, reddish tone in both the fruit and juice. Maury Island Farm’s Boysenberry Jam all comes from the Pacific Northwest during limited harvests. As with all of the jams, the natural flavors are not covered up by an excess amount of sugar, allowing a full taste of the boysenberry flavor.

This is a gift perfect for the mom who loves jam and is perfect for pies, ice-creams, or shortcakes. More importantly, the taste of Boysenberries is simple and pure and one you can feel confident giving. The glass jar will even make a nice display on a kitchen counter.

Boysenberry Jam by Maury Island Farms - 11oz

Price: $6.00

Package Size:


Product Features

Made from a limited harvest

No artificial flavors or colorings

Decorative glass jar

Made with real boysenberries

What Our Customers Say

My husbands cousin and his wife came to visit us this fall. They brought us a jar of your Boysenberry Jam. It was absolutely delicious. We live in South Dakota and don't grow boysenberries. The only problem we had was that it didn't last long enough!! Great product.
-Joan Antonen, SD

I'm spoiled since I found Maury Island Farms jams. Won't buy anything else. Worth the extra cost for all natural, very flavorful jam. I've always loved boysenberry jam but it was VERY hard to find. Now get it when I want and know it's the best. Also love the marionberry (and red raspberry and black\red raspberry). I think you get the point.
-Bob, AZ

My mother's favorite berry, and I can't grow it in Iowa. Looking forward for her to share some with me after Christmas.
-Steve, IA

I was born and raised in Seattle and ate Boysenberries all through the season, pies, on ice cream, jams and straight off the bushes in my grandma's garden so I KNOW how they taste. Have moved to the desert so berries found in the Northwest don't exist here. This jam embodies all that my tastebuds remember! Even used it in cupcakes as a sweet surprise in the middle!

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